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Welcome to the SIU Carbondale Diversity Council’s website. The Council is using this vehicle to track and document our efforts to increase the diversity of our campus community. The 2013 SIU Carbondale Pathways to Excellence: A Strategic Plan states, “At SIU Carbondale, we celebrate a rich history of diversity within our student body and acknowledges this strength as a proud foundation to build upon. We recognize and value the diversity of our faculty, staff and campus leadership.” While we believe our faculty, staff and leadership are committed to maintaining a diverse campus, recent data indicates, for various reasons, we have not been able to maintain our desired diversity, not to mention increase the diversity of our campus community to reflect the populations we wish to continue to serve.

The Chancellor’s Diversity Council has been formed to examine what factors may be impeding our efforts to increase our diversity and to recommend a plan to eliminate existing barriers. The Council has the responsibility to monitor the plan for effectiveness and annually measure progress across the campus toward established goals. Listed on this site are the Chancellor’s charge and the Council’s initiatives to date.